Tyger/Mideon Werewolf (tygercowboy) wrote in mfm,
Tyger/Mideon Werewolf

Less than 12 hours!!

Less than 12 hours to go!!!! Yes, MFM pre-reg closes at 1159pm tonight!!

Why should you pre-reg?

Make sure you get your membership goodies! Some of the schwag is limited quantities and is on a first come, first serve basis!

You can only register for the MFM Vicentennial Level Membership as pre-reg because of the very special things that come with it!

Help MFM have an amazing year with lots of surprises for everyone!

Get a chance at winning a 2 night credit towards your hotel stay at Whispering Woods, everyone that pre-reg's gets a chance!! Winner will be drawn next week!

If you have registered but haven't paid yet, you need to do so by 1159pm tonight!

So ready, set, PRE-REG!!!!

#Mephit2016 #Furries
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