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Less than 12 hours!!

Less than 12 hours to go!!!! Yes, MFM pre-reg closes at 1159pm tonight!!

Why should you pre-reg?

Make sure you get your membership goodies! Some of the schwag is limited quantities and is on a first come, first serve basis!

You can only register for the MFM Vicentennial Level Membership as pre-reg because of the very special things that come with it!

Help MFM have an amazing year with lots of surprises for everyone!

Get a chance at winning a 2 night credit towards your hotel stay at Whispering Woods, everyone that pre-reg's gets a chance!! Winner will be drawn next week!

If you have registered but haven't paid yet, you need to do so by 1159pm tonight!

So ready, set, PRE-REG!!!!

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Whispering Woods Availability for MFM

Whispering Woods added more rooms on Thursday and Sunday for those that were needing rooms. Currently there are less than 20 rooms left at Whispering Woods and we expect those to go very quickly. As we are looking at a sell out situation, we are getting frequent updates from the hotel and once we do sell out, we will open the block up at the Fairfield Inn at the corner of the WW property. If you are a Fursuiter, and have not booked your room yet, you grab a room at Whispering Woods while you still can!
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MFM 2014 Theme Costume Contest

Don't forget about this year's MFM Theme Costume Contests!
Friday: Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Steampunk Skunk - Judging During Opening Ceremonies
Saturday: Killer Furries from Outer Space! Judging right after the Fursuit Parade!
Sunday: Cowboys and Furries - Judging during Closing Ceremonies!
and oh yes there will be prizes for BEST Costume!
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Pre-reg for MFM!

Rock that reg!!!

Remember last year’s challenge from Tyger for everyone to bring someone new to MFM? Help us make that happen!!

We know it's all fun and games, but hey, we have to pay our bills too! That's where registration comes in. We know you work hard to earn your money, so we try to give you the most bang for your con-going buck. Not only do we have a regular membership, but if you have some more money to spend and want to help out the convention, sign up for one of our higher levels. We'll even give you some nice thank you gifts for giving us your extra dough.

There's a little less than one week to go to pre-register for MFM 2014! If you wait until after pre-registration closes you'll have to register at the door -- and pay the door registration prices. Save yourself a few bucks and pre-register today while you still can!
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MFM 2014 Hotel Update

To be safe, Whispering Woods needs to reconfirm all reservations that were made at last year’s MFM. We want to make sure everyone does have a room if they reserved it!
Whispering Woods sold out last year and we are well on our way to selling out this year. Currently ALL SUITES ARE SOLD OUT!!

Please be advised the 1st night’s room & Tax will be charged to all guest’s credit cards 3 days/72 hours prior to their arrival date.

To make reservations:

Attendees may call the hotel directly at 1-866-851-1590 or book online at Reservations require a valid credit card at time of booking.
Please refer to Group code: MFM when making your reservation. Please be sure to secure a reservation confirmation number.

Individuals are solely responsible for the payment of room, tax and any incidental charges.