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Donation Form

Hey furs, we're getting down to the final stretch before MFM! Are you excited yet?!

While packing for the trip don't forget to include any items you want to donate to our Tiger Haven charity auction.
We will be accepting items in the registration room on Friday 10a-4p and again Saturday 10a-2p. Come see me (Princess Buttercup) and my awesome minions to donate something to help our wonderful charity.

If you'd like to speed up your donation process then you can fill out a donation slip ahead of time for each item you will be donating.

Item Name:____________________________________________________________________________
Donated By:____________________________________________Badge Number:__________________
Item Description:________________________________________________________________________


_________________________________________________________Estimated Price:_______________

It can also be found as a full page (three slips to a page) here: Just put into your browser address bar.

We look forward to seeing you there!!
-Princess Buttercup

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